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Fire Starting Supplies


Fire is a key element to surviving in the wild. From keeping warm to cooking your meals to signaling for help, you should be prepared and have the supplies to start a fire if necessary.  LT's Knives and Machetes offers a variety of fire starting equipment and supplies you can choose from to carry on your excursions into the wilderness.

Choose from flints, tender, solar fire starting supplies and the old bow and spindle fire starting equipment or a fire piston kit so you are prepared for a night in the wild.
Char Cloth for Fire Starting  Char Cloth and Magnifying Glass
Char Cloth
$10.00 plus S & H
Solar Fire Starting Kit
$25.00 plus S & H
Char cloth is probably my favorite tender. It lights easily and you have plenty of time to use it to bring the rest of your tender to blaze.

I'm not sure of when this method came about but never the less, it makes a neat way to make fire with hardly anything.

  • One tin of char cloth

Char cloth is able to be used with several other fire starting devices.

  • One tin of char cloth

  • One magnifying glass

  • One leather case

Shipping: $7.95
Shipping: $7.95

 Flint and Steel Fire Starter Kit Solar Fire Starting Kit
Flint and Steel Fire Starter Kit
$25.00 plus S & H
Solar Fire Starting Kit
$20.00 plus S & H
This method of starting fire goes way back. This char cloth comes with real flint from Flint Ridge, Ohio. Char cloth has been used for hundreds of years, from pioneers to pilgrims to the military and hikers.
  • One tin of char cloth

  • One genuine chunk of flint

  • One striker

  • One tin of char cloth

  • One magnifying glass w/case

Shipping: $7.95
Shipping: $7.95

Fire Piston Kit
$80.00 plus S & H
Bow & Spindle Fire Making Kit
$30.00 plus S & H

This fire piston kit is made out of oak. It has a metal barrel and comes with a metal piston unlike some others on the market.

Comes in a real leather pouch with tie strings.

The bow and spindle is probably the most popular way of starting a fire by primitive means but trust me, it is also one of the hardest ways to start a fire.

With some practice, the bow and spindle method can be a very effective way to start a fire.

  • One tin of char cloth

  • Fire Piston

  • Cleaning kit

  • Spare O-ring

  • Instructions

  • Leather Pouch

Kit contains: 

  • Bow and Spindle

  • Bearing Block

  • Base

  • Tender

  • Instructions

Shipping: $7.95
Shipping: $7.95

Shredded White Paper Birch Eastern Cedar Bark
White Birch Bark
$9.95 plus S & H
Eastern Red Cedar Bark
$9.95 plus S & H
Shredded White Birch Bark, also known as Paper Birch, is an excellent fire starter in most environments. Very dependable and very important for outdoor survival. Make sure your outdoor survival kit contains a supply of Eastern Red Cedar Bark so you can get a fire started when kindling and tender are scarce.
Shipping: $7.95
Shipping: $7.95



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