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LT's Knives and Machetes offers hand made stainless steel machetes personalized with your initials on the blade. LT's machetes including the parang machetes are made of 1/8" flame hardened steel or stainless steel unless other thicknesses are requested.
Stainless Steel Parang Machete  Mini Me-Chete Machete
"HolyHell" - 12" Parang Machete
$200. plus S & H
"Mini Me-Chete" Machete
$90. plus S & H
This stainless steel machete is a favorite of the Special Forces. The large end of this parang is for chopping large pieces up to 3" in diameter. The narrow section is good for light duty use as in whittling tent stakes. This custom made machete is a personal favorite of mine. Originally I made one only for me but I am more than happy to make the Mini Me-Chete for you.
  • 12" Stainless Steel Blade

  • 5" Polycarbonate Handle

  • Stainless Steel Blade

  • Polycarbonate Handle

Shipping: $7.95
Shipping: $7.95

Hatchet Standard Parang Machete
"Double Trouble" - Hatchet / Knife
$150. plus S & H
Standard Parang Machete
$150. plus S & H
This stainless steel beauty serves as a hatchet and as a knife. If you can't slice it, Chop it! This standard parang machete is made to your custom specifications. You choose the length and if it is to be made of stainless steel or regular hardened steel.
  • 8" Stainless Steel Blade

  • 5" Polycarbonate Handle

  • 3" hatchet

Shipping: $7.95
Shipping: $7.95

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